Saturday, January 7, 2012

so i just debuted my first EVER original ukulele song at a local arts forum and WOW. so elated, great feedback!!! everyone loved it!!! i'm already getting ideas for a set list now and made a couple great music contacts. here's me listening to "save me" by aimee mann (i just discovered her via the show Porlandia...yes I am behind the times...but I freakin' love her!!!)

the song i wrote is called "Simple Things" and i hope to make a music video for it.


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  1. Girlfriend!!! Aimee Mann is one of my FAVORITES. She totally inspires me to write songs. You should also give Crowded House a listen. I don't think I could survive on Earth without them...
    I've got a Uke too! Now I'm all fired up to pluck at it again. I got an iPad for my birfday/Xmas and put Garage Band on it. Damn that's an awesome app. I have about 6 songs I've written over the years. I'm going to do something with them. An EP by the end of the year!